SSYMM is a balance between the latest fashion trends and individual style. We are not "just another boutique".

We are the experience. Lifestyle. Moving.

When more and more unnecessary things appear in our lives, when expectations are higher, when consumption itself begins to "consume" us, we must find time for ourselves, take our time to make decisions and simply enjoy life here and now.

For this reason, we offer our customers the best possible look with the least amount of effort. Why buy five different clothes when you can buy one that can be matched five different ways?

We target middle-income fashion enthusiasts with high ethical standards. We offer them high-quality, very carefully selected clothes, the joy of matching outfits and never-ending surprising but reliable style decisions.



SSYMM is a brand with a strong image and distinctive voice. Our strategy is not to fit in, but to stand out: that's why we believe in being seen and heard.


By 2025, we want to become the leading street style clothing online boutique in the Baltic countries and the Nordic market.


Leading by example. Inhaling. Being creative and resourceful. Always staying true to your values and aligning your dreams with your goals.


Because we want to be a role model for street fashion enthusiasts and have a positive influence on them.


We see ourselves as an exclusive streetwear online brand, able to offer consumers a carefully selected range of clothing.

Our community is most important to us (could it be otherwise?).

Therefore, it is extremely important for us to create a community that values and celebrates quality and responsible choice.

We do our best to bring buyers and developers together on our platform to create a mutually beneficial relationship.


Creativity drives us forward. It is a strength that allows us to achieve our goal of making consumption ethical.

WE BELIEVE that the best way to buy clothes is intelligently optimized and focused on quality. We're sure that a good outfit is like armor: it helps you conquer the day.

WE FEEL PASSION for the simple magic of clothing. We live by the idea that clothes empower people and give them confidence.

WE ARE SPREADING THE NEWS about a new ethical way of consumption - smart consumption. Reusability, flexibility and responsibility are three values we never tire of talking about.