About Us

SSYMM emerges at the intersection of latest accessible fashion and an individual style. We are not just “another boutique”. 

We are an experience. A lifestyle. A movement.

As there are more and more unnecessary things in our life, as the expectations are getting higher, and as we are getting consumed by consumption, all we need is to have more time for ourselves, restrain from making hasty decisions, and just enjoy being here and now.

This is why we offer our customers best appearance potential with least effort. Why buy 5 different outfits if you can buy one that can be styled in 5 different ways?

We cater for middle-income fashion enthusiasts with a strong moral compass. We offer them quality-over-quantity, cherry-picked garments, the fun of mix-and-match, and never failing to impress yet reliable style choices. 




SSYMM is a brand with powerful presence and a strong voice. We do not blend in, we stand out – this is why we are to be seen and heard.  


We want to become a top online streetwear boutique in the Baltics, as well as in the Northern market, by 2025. 


Leading by example. Inspiring. Being creative and innovative. Sticking to our values and making our dreams aligned with our purpose.


Because we want to become a role model and a positive influence for street fashion enthusiasts. 



We envision ourselves as a top online streetwear brand that offers a curated selection of clothing items.

Our community is everything to us (can it be otherwise?).

We are dedicated to building a community, in which quality and accountability of choice are encouraged and celebrated.

We do our best to bring together shoppers and creators – and make both parties benefit from this mutual relationship.  



Creativity is the force behind us. It is our strength to accomplish our goals towards ethical consumerism. 

WE BELIEVE IN a quality-oriented and optimized way of shopping for apparel. We are convinced that a good outfit is like an armor: makes you feel like you can conquer the day. 

WE ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT the simple magic of apparel. We live by the idea of empowering people through their appearance.

WE SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT a new ethical way of consumption – smart consumerism. Reusability, versatility, and responsibility are three values we will never get tired of talking about.