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The name Supersymmetry was born from unbridled, youthful maximalism, the pursuit of ideality - symmetry, balance and minimalism.


We are the experience. A lifestyle. A movement.


SSYMM is a balance between the latest fashion trends and individual style. We are not "just another boutique".

Our mission

We see ourselves as an exclusive street style shoe online brand, able to offer consumers a carefully selected range of footwear. Our community is the most important thing to us (could it be otherwise? ). Therefore, it is extremely important for us to create a community that values ​​and celebrates quality and responsible choice. We do our best to bring buyers and developers together on our platform to create a mutually beneficial relationship.

Our values

We believe that the best way to buy clothes is intelligently optimized and focused on quality. We're sure that a good outfit is like armor: it helps you conquer the day.

We have a passion for the simple magic of clothing. We live by the idea that clothes empower people and give them confidence.

We are spreading the word about a new ethical way of consumption - smart consumption. Reusability, flexibility and responsibility are three values ​​we never tire of talking about.